Receiving the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy throughout pregnancy can bring encourage all imbalances to heal. On any level, resulting in a safer and gentler progress through the gestation for mother and baby. Give relief and support to a growing uterus, and relieve almost all pregnancy complaints. By continuing working with the belly as the pregnancy progresses, we  encourage the stretching ligaments, as well as soothing the digestion. The napropathic and allied work can instantly and permanently relieve all back, especially sacral torsion and sciatica leading to much easier late pregnancy and birthing ease.

Labour – have a smoother labour, and a quicker second stage.

By strengthening and toning the uterus, ligaments and other pelvic organs, this massage and allied back focus helps to place and maintain the uterus in her optimal position for giving achieving and for birthing easily – as women were designed bonus is almost all structural pains are magicked away!!


After 6 weeks post partum, the new mother can receive a full Mayan abdominal session (only if delivery was normal without complications) This supports the uterus and other organs returning to optimum position.


Many Caesarean births could be prevented with this simple, safe, easy to learn massage technique.
The well being of the mother and baby are improved as they prepare for labour and delivery.

For women who have had a C-section, this technique is beneficial for breaking up scar tissue in the same way it works for women who have had hysterectomies.
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Or contact me to undo all that may be bothering you – often when no other health care visits have managed. Why? We need so very often to work on your uterine placement, that in turn allows the entire body to relax back to where it was supposed to be – in perfect alignment.